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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

'Sup! So today I wanted to give a bit of a heads up to something I'm doing this week which is taking over The Design Weans instagram account for the week. TDW was set up by Jonny Mowat, a fellow Aberdeenshire bred designer! The account aims to showcase the work from Glasgow (or I guess Scottish) designers and give them a platform to connect with others. 

I've been taking over the account from yesterday until the 16th (this Saturday) with a mix of my life as a designer and also the story as to how I got there. I plan to be sharing everything from tips and tricks, things I did and a little bit of insight from David, the current Art Director at SevenC3. 

My basic plan is to start from the beginning of graduate life and discuss the shit you go through after graduating, to then kick starting your design career with internships and applications to then getting into applying for jobs and what to think about when you start your first full time job. Along with a few other tidbits that really helped me along in my process of getting a graduate job. 

I'm pretty excited to kick start this takeover as I have been wanting to do a blog series on this topic but have kept putting it off. But seeing as it's graduate season it seems to make sense plus I'd love to expand on the topics on the blog once the takeover is finished. I also think that because I didn't have a super smooth ride from design student to junior designer, it's good for others who are just getting into the 'real world' that it isn't always simple and easy. 

But yeah, make sure you keep an eye out on The Design Weans account this week as all the posts I make will be on there as original content for a little bit! And I'll catch y'all in the comments. 

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