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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Another post coming from me today but tbh I've had a bit of a backlog of posts that have been needing to go out and I just haven't with the overwhelm, stress and organisation that moving into a new flat brings. Although one thing that certainly helps calm you down is a fantastic meal, right?

Back at the end of January I was invited along to the Dead Dolls House in Islington to check out their menu including a few new treats they have added lately. With it being the same week as Darren's birthday, amongst the excitement of seeing the Jan/Feb issue of IOD being printed, adding in a meal for 2 was definitely the way to top it off.

The Dead Dolls House menu comprises off a mix of cocktails (including some healthy ones!) as well as a mix of veggie and vegan options. There was so many incredible options to choose from but it's fair to say that I left absolutely stuffed and happy with a lil food baby.

So what did I end up ordering? Well, to start with I went for charcoal grilled bread with hummus which omg was soooo amazing! The bread was really thick lovely slices and the hummus topped them perfectly.

For the mains I went for the vegan hot dog and a side of chips. Don't get me wrong I loved the sound of the bowls or even the badboy sweet fried tofu but if I go somewhere and they have a vegan hot dog, ya sure as hell know I'm going for the hot dog. And trust me it didn't disappoint! It went down like a treat.

To finish off our meal I had the citrus tart. It was honestly the best option to finish my meal as it left me feeling refreshed and it tasted lavish!

And finally, last but not least was the cocktails! Throughout our meal we decided to have a couple different ones because well, when in Islington! No but seriously, I cannot resit a good cocktail and trust me these were fantastic.

For my first one of the night I tried one of the healthy cocktails called smoked on the water. Initially I couldn't really think of what the cocktail tasted like but later in the evening I realised it tasted like the fruit and barley diluted juice you get. (It was so good)

My second drink I decided to go for the adios motherf#%!er, which for me tasted like a more alcoholic induced twist on the classic blue lagoon. Even though it was a classic twist of flavours it definitely tasted great and went down well with my main and dessert.

Also since Darren was with me, I obviously tried some of his cocktails he ordered. For his first one he went for the deep blue, a fruity cocktail packed with pomegranate, lemon, strawberry, blackberry and blueberries. Although it was packed with sooo much fruitiness the rum, pinot noir and angostura set it off and gave it a good kick. And with his second drink he went for the singapore sling, another classic!

Overall we had a really lovely meal at Dead Dolls House and we were great with such wonderful service too. It's definitely a place I'd love to head back too with some plant foodie friends so that I could try some of the other options on the menu. The vibe is also really nice with the decor and extra elements the bring in, it feels special. And with a energising Friday and Saturday night scene, as well as brunch there's definitely so much to check out down at the restaurant!

*Disclaimer: I was invited by Jams PR on behalf of the restaurant to come and sample their menu. In doing so I was a complimentary meal for two including x1 cocktail each (so yep I couldn't help myself and bought the second one). This does not in any way affect my opinions. All views and thoughts are my own.

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