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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hello! Sorry for no blog post the last week or so, with a mix of things on over the past week or so I just needed some chill time. But anyway here's today's post!

Working as a graphic designer, especially during early stages, there is often a lot of opportunity to  get excited and feel proud with the work you do. And as of a few weeks ago I was able to share work from a project that I am most definitely proud to be part of. With that in mind, I wanted to kick off a new series called 'Creative Showcase' which will be me sharing some of the work I do and a little bit of an insight to it.

Gif/video made by the art director. Check out the SevenC3 socials for more images. Twitter | Instagram 
For this first instalment, you may have already seen photos on social media but if you haven't I got to help work on the redesign of the Institute of Directors members magazine: Director. As a very new junior I wasn't tasked so much with layouts but with creating a new iconography set to section of areas of the magazine and also, very excitingly, apply my hand lettering skills to the cover.

For the redesign the main idea of the cover was to give it a bold refresh with this issues cover feature- Karen Blackett. Doing this with very stark photography on a bright yellow background and Blackett featured in a popping colour. Added to this I was asked by my art director if I could try my hand (harhar punny) at creating some lettering that would sit behind Blackett. The words chosen were pulled from the inside the article and encompassed whom Blackett is as a successful women of colour in business. 

The process of creating the cover was really exciting to be a part of and I can share my process of this in a future blog post. But in this post I mainly wanted to share the work I did for this issue and the thinking behind it. 

So as I stated before I also helped with creating the new icon sets. There was a need for a new styling due to the team wanting to set a better pace to the magazine. In doing the sections were vividly marked with each having a specific colour and icon to visually identify what each section was about. 

The process of working on this mag was super insightful and I think getting to start at the company while this redesign was going on ended up being perfect timing. Getting to sit in flat plan meetings and see how the spreads get marked up to go to repro is maybe menial parts of the process but for a first timer, it was definitely interesting to see! 

Anyway I hope you've liked seeing this wee showcase and getting to know a bit more about the designs and the thought process behind it! Let me know below one time you worked on a dream project or a time an idea came out how your imagined it. 

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