Imposter Syndrome- Creative Industries: Real Talk // #CBloggers17 Day 3

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

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So for the 3rd topic of #CBloggers17 it's all about the Creative Industries! I left the topic totally wide open with this as I felt it would make for some interesting conversations and perspectives among people and I mean there is a lot to be said. 

Going down the route of speaking about issues within the Creative Industries, there are so many to choose from. With issues around 'free' work, unpaid internships, lack of representation of WOC/other minorities within high roles, how creativity is still not seen as a skill among some, as well as a whole heap of other problems and issues. I've spoken about some other issues before on this blog before including misconceptions of studying graphic design, how my high school expierence killed my creativity and I've also spoken several times about how I feel lucky to have had supportive family that push me to follow my dreams of working in the creative industries.

For me thought I thought I would talk about an issue that largely lies with yourself and no-one else, and that is self doubt and imposter syndrome.

I won't lie these are things I have experienced a lot and I know a lot of people who go through it too, it's something in the creative waters. But when you deal with imposter syndrome it doesn't affect anyone else, just you and your work largely. It can paralyse you from producing or developing work. It can stop you from taking on new experiences or opportunities. And it can stall your growth not just as a creative but as a person too.

And today I wanted to speak about how I've tried to overcome it each time.

Give yourself perspective
What is it that makes you feel like you can't do this or you shouldn't? If you are looking at other peoples work and feeling that you'll never amount to their level, stop. Your skills and journey are unique to you and will shape your future to be what it should be, not what you think it should be because of what everyone else is doing. Look at your old work, the stuff you did when you started out. You'll see from then how far you have progressed and how much you've learnt.

Talk to people
Literally every creative I know has gone through this before and I'm sure it'll be the same for you too. If you open up to the people you are close with or speak to a mentor or even an educational tutor, they can help on the last point and open your mind to see how far you've come and give you feedback on what you can do to progress further.

Don't worry about failure and don't stress about success
These two words, "failure" and "success", seem to take of a lot of people's lives but you have to try and not let them. Failure will happen. You are never going to sail through life and have everything work out exactly as you think it should be. And don't worry that your successes will come falling down. Whatever you've been successful at, as long as you've done it honestly, is yours to take and you should go celebrate it. In fact, go celebrate both your wins and looses, there's things to learn from both.

Be aware
Realise that if, at the moment, you are scared to jump into a new opportunity that it isn't likely you're scared because you won't be able to do it. But be aware that the reason you can feel uneasy is that it's a huge step and what can come next will be enormous for you. As they say, if you're not scared then your dreams aren't big enough.

and lastly...

Remember to find enjoyment in just creating
It can often be a burden that accidentally falls on our shoulders as creatives nowadays when we think we need to constantly be sharing things on social media. From clients we work with, to projects we do and works in progress, amongst having a #flawless life it's just crazy. No person is crazy so stop worrying about portraying yourself in a certain way on line and remember that what you share online is down to you and no person, not even yourself, will completely know who you are as you are always growing and changing. So experiment! Do batshit crazy things. And if you share them with the world or not, just enjoy the process of being free.

What's some of your ways to combat imposter syndrome? Let me know below!

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