Introduce Yo' Self // #CBloggers17: Day 1

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Helloooo! It’s Day 1 of the #CBloggers17 link up and I am so excited! I’ve participated in link ups and the like with other creatives but never one specifically as part of the #CBloggers community.

So because it’s Day 1, prompts wise I thought what’s better than people sharing introductions about ourselves?

For me I’ve decided to do something that I have wanted to do for a while and I seen loooaaaddddsss of people doing ages ago and that is a lil illustration about me but, as standard, with some typographic bits involved too!

Ironically I uploaded this post late, largely due to the fact that I hadn't planned really much of anything before jetting off to Berlin. But I'm back now so I'll just need to get ahead in the next few days! But also, let that show that if you still want to join in, feel free too! You don't need to let the specifics of the days stop you from joining in. 

Check out the communities posts:

Want to join in? Get all the details in the link up! blog post.

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