#CBloggers17- The Link Up!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hellooooo! I'm doing super great with this more September uploading, aren't I? Anyway, never mind! Today I want to speak about the thing that has actually driven me to wanting to post more in September, which is *drum roll* a #CBloggers link up!!!! 

So the link up officially starts on Friday, the 22nd of September, which means it overlaps the Anniversary date (the 25th, so Day 4) and finishes on the anniversary chat date (the 28th). The link up comes with prompts for each day which would be great to people to use and then some tips and ideas to think about if you're stuck with what to write for that particular prompt. 

And on that note here are the day by day prompts... 

So there's all the prompts. If you fancy getting involved, I'll be sending out emails with each of these graphics so sign up with your details using this google from: Sign Up!

Also I'll say now, you can use these prompts in any way on any media you like! If you want to do it as an Instagram challenge, go for it! If you want to discuss the topics as a YouTube video, awesome! If you want to do a classic blog post, brilliant! Something else, cool! Whatever way you produce and share your content is fine, just make sure you use the #CBloggers17 hashtag so it's easily found as I'll be going back to my own blog posts on each day and linking to everyone who's getting involved! 

And the last thing I wanted to touch on is the graphics themselves! I obviously haven't posted much of anything in regards to the #CBloggers branding but the styling of these graphics are the direction I thought I was going to go in with the identity so I wanted to play around with it just now for the graphics! Let me know what you think of them too. 

But that's all for now! I can't wait to see and read all the posts that come from this!

Oh and let me know if you're getting involved and it would be amazing that if you do get involved that you spread word a bit too! So feel free to save/share the graphics above! 

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