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Sunday, July 02, 2017

'ello and welcome back to the blog! Today I've got another book review for you to have a mooch over! This one I'm excited to share as it kept me on the edge of my bed like how I was with the Those Who Lie book that I reviewed a few months ago! Anyway on to the book, this time I've got the book Did you whisper back? by Kate Rigby. 

Set in the nineteen-seventies, Did You Whisper Back? begins with Amanda Court's longing to bereunited with her estranged twin sister Jo. Following a false lead, Amanda leaves her Merseyside home and family and goes to Devon to work as a chambermaid where she believes Jo now lives. Amanda's new life begins to encroach on her personal space and time, and her search for Jo is put on hold until Amanda feels Jo calling her back to Liverpool.

Gradually it emerges that Jo is, seemingly, just a figment of Amanda's imagination arising from distorted childhood memories. She experiences a series of strange and sometimes frightening experiences, including lamps talking and the endless ringing of telephones, until the desperation of her family reaches breaking point.

Did You Whisper Back? is a psychological novel about family secrets and a disturbing portrayal of the fragility of the mind.

The main thing that drew me to reading this book was that it was another psychological novel filled with suspense and that it covered the issues of mental health. Within the blurb you are given an insight to this from being told that Amanda has gone on a quest to find her long lost twin but it is really just a figment of her imagination.

I have to tip my hat too Kate as she did a fabulous job of depicting schizophrenia and the downward spiral that someone can face when they begin having a breakdown. From hallucinations to nightmares to an aura of haziness it is all laid out in front of you within the story. Because of this though, I would like to state here that if you do suffer from a mental health issue this book may be a trigger warning for you but it is important to note that Kate shows the seriousness of the issue and takes great care in describing it. 

Throughout the book, it really is the writing style that does the story justice. Kate manages to explore the seriousness of the issues while keeping you question what is going on and learn to care for Amanda. You result in being angry at characters while also longing to be able to help Amanda through everything she is experiencing which is why I felt this book was so wonderfully written. 

The way everything is described within the book as well and how the story progresses is especially brilliant. From start to end it is intense and incredibly detailed but also makes sure to give an overall full picture view while comparing 'real' life to the world inside Amanda’s head. It's this way of levelheaded writing that gives you everything you need to understand the scale of what is going on. You really are able to understand each piece of the story by being taken into it rather than just reading the words on a page. 

I really do applaud Kate for what she has achieved with this book and will definitely be making sure to check out more by her! Obviously the subject matter doesn't make for an enjoyable or easy read but it definitely will provoke you emotionally and give you some really meaningful insight to mental illness. So if you enjoy a suspense then you should get a read of it as I'm sure you will find it just as brilliant as I did.

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*Disclaimer: I was sent this book free of charge in connection with the Neverland blog tours promotion of this book. This does not in any way affect my opinions. All views and thoughts are my own.

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