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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So uh it's been a while again hasn't it? Woops! Nevermind though. Today I wanted to come back and just share some updates with you all regarding a few different things. And also because it's my birthday today I kinda felt I needed to get something done today that unleashed me creatively a bit. So onto the update... 

It's been just over two months since I last posted anything and even then it was a simply a book review with no details of what I was up too. And before that, the last things I shared was my blog entries on my time in Cornwall for my internship

Since then I've been keeping up with applying for jobs and so far had some luck with getting interviews but nothing concrete as of yet but still holding on! I've also been taking on some more freelance projects including one exciting thing but I'll get on to that later. And lastly I've also been doing #the100DayProject (my tag is #100daysofohhaylettering), albeit I have slipped massively behind now but I'm doing bits and pieces for it when I can. 

Recently I've also booked with Darren to go away to Berlin for a few days in September and when we come back we're going to see Mayday Parade again too! I've also been looking into going to this years GDFS since I loved it so much last year. (If you're going let me know!) So I've got myself booked up with a few exciting things in the next few months anyway. 

And lastly, the biggest thing I'm currently working on. If you follow me on twitter or keep up with the #cbloggers community (either on Twitter or Facebook) you'll know I'm in the midst of branding it. It is something I have wanted to get on and get done for years but it has honestly just been something that has always slipped to the bottom of my list. But in saying that, because just now I'm still looking for jobs I thought it would be great to do a really big branding project of some kind. And instead of reaching out to business or do something fictional, why not do it for something I know the in's and out's of already? It's still early stages of the project and I'll maybe go into more detail in another post, but atm I have put out the brand doc this week so if you want to have a read and look at the document you can see it here: #Cbloggers Community Identity doc

But I think that's it from me and this update for now! I have a few other things, including getting my prints on Etsy to do over the next few weeks so stay tuned for that and I'll try make sure I don't leave it another 2 months for a new post. 

*Also I want to give a shout out to both KellyPolly and Fern as there photo stylings for photos has inspired me to do a bit of digital collage!  I fancied trying something a bit different especially as I don't really have any photos to share from the past few months.

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