Cornwall Internship: Week 3

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Now onto the third week in Falmouth! During this week I pretty much carried on the work from week 2 but instead of putting together more moodboards it was now onto proper idea generation and visual development. 

This week was pretty exciting as it was the main rush through of getting things done to sent to the client. So the week started with having some brain storming sessions to discuss what we were going to produce for the client (like the different design/campaign directions) and what form these would take. This aspect of working on the project was probably the most enjoyable for me as it was really collaborative way of working and it was great to be able to bounce ideas off each other and begin to develop some sort of action plan. 

At the end of the week, before the work was sent off the focus was on pulling together one final piece of design to send to the client. It was within this portion of Friday afternoon I think I really started to understand how the design game really works. How fast paced it can be and usually is. From start to finish, the final concept took perhaps 2 to 2 and a half hours to pull it altogether, and this includes a brainstorm to discuss what this direction should be with a bit of tag-teaming to get certain aspects developed before 5pm. It also may seem a bit silly but I honestly think it was this point of my internship I really knew that graphic design is what I want to do as I was energised and motivated by this need and rush to get things done. Although I do also realise that with doing  this a lot I can see how it would burn someone out creatively and mentally. 

Within this week too, Darren came down to visit for a few days over the weekend. During which we had a wee trip to Truro on the train and ate out at a couple of different places. But honestly my favourite was the cafe in Truro called the Cornish Vegan. It was super yummy! And we also got a few cocktails from a handful of places which was great too cause yano, alcohol and shiz.

If you fancy reading more about my internship you can do so here and also, check out the 20 things I learned within my 4 weeks Medium post. I'm planning on making more long form content for Medium as I feel it'll sit better over there than on here. 

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