Cornwall Internship: Week 1

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So since I last really blogged (not including the Secret Santa post since that went live earlier today), quite a few things have happened... 

Since my Intentions blog post from January I've had a few things going on including a week long placement in Glasgow at a company called Freytag Anderson and now, I'm currently on an internship in Falmouth, Cornwall. It's pretty crazy because in total I travelled about 650miles from home down here to do this internship and who knows how many more miles I'll add into that from commuting to the Studio from my Airbnb by the time this month is up! 

Anyway, during this internship I wanted to try and jump back on the blogging train, sharing some updates and thoughts on how my internship is going. I'm currently in the middle of the second week here and currently it's been so amazing. 

One thing I've also started in the last few weeks has been a Bullet Journal. This system has been really useful for me to keep up-to date with things and I've made a few spreads in my notebook dedicated to my internship,  including noting down something I have learned each day, a space to write ideas for any blog posts I do for their website and even a bit to note down things specific to advice or tips given for things like my portfolio and dealing with clients. And sidebar, but Andy, one of the company owners, also loves how neat it is and keeps asking people if they have seen it yet! 

Now back to how the internship is actually going! I've been able to get really stuck into client projects, often being helped by Tom, Zander or Andy with them but also having the space to explore ideas and ask for feedback when needed. It's been a really refreshing expierence so far to see how this process works collaboratively inside a close-nit team. Also Bowie the dog has been super nice too- letting me give him belly rubs! 

It's also been really great in being part of this close-nit team. Everybody has been so open, inviting and friendly towards me, including the two developers I haven't mentioned yet- Joe and Joshua and it has made coming into a totally new place so much easier and something I truly appreciate. Plus it definitely is nice for everybody to share the task of making a cuppa, especially when Joshua tends to make sure everybody has one for starting when they get working first thing in the morning. And all of that can be said for the people who's Airbnb I am staying at as well- they have been so accommodating for me and have done way more than they needed to to make me feel at home.  

Anyway that'll do it for this weeks update! I'll probably share more of what I've learned in the first two weeks in my second update as this was just more setting the scene tbh!

If you fancy reading more about my internship you can do so here and also, check out the 20 things I learned within my 4 weeks Medium post. I'm planning on making more long form content for Medium as I feel it'll sit better over there than on here. 

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