#CBloggers Mail Swap

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So hello back to my blog- it's been a while since I've posted anything (again, this just seems to be how these blog posts have worked for the past year tbh)... Anyway! Today I thought I would finally get round to sharing my #CBloggers Secret Santa round up which should have been done a good 2 months ago but oh well, never mind! Better super late than never, right?

Anyway, for my swap I received my gift from Amy Hodkin! Inside my gift she sent me one of her beautiful character screen prints that I absolutely adore and has found space upon my new(ish) desk and a really beautiful zine that was filled with botanical illustrations. She also sent a card with such a lovely typographic design on the front which I loved too.

I also was sent a lil something from Zen Zhou from Hapiness Wherever which was really lovely of her and it means a lot that she wanted to send something as a thank you for doing #CBloggers and organising the swap, etc! 

Now I don't have any photos of what I sent as a Secret Santa, however, Danielle (who I was sending too) has uploaded a photo of it on her twitter here. I was so glad that she was happy with her package and on a whole I think everybody was too. 

Lastly from me I just wanted to include one thing I do have a photo of and did send out, which was the limited edition #CBloggers2016 bauble and a wee Christmas Card! I wanted to do something nice for everybody taking part (especially for if/when people's packages never turned up) and I think everybody was quite chuffed with them too! 

Before I finish up this really badly timed Christmas post I wanted to share the content of people who shared their* Secret Santa's so check the links below for those too: 

Amy (The Creative Outlook): Blog Post
Caroline (Tarolime): Instagram
DaniWarman: Twitter
Dina Kalo: Twitter
Emmeline Pidgen: Blog Post
Erin (Ms. Veness): Instagram
Georgina (Short Sweet Art): Twitter
Joanna  (Adventures & Tea Parties): Blog Post
Laura Campbell: Instagram
Laura Redburn (Cardboard Cities): Instagram
Nital Shah: Twitter
Rachel: Blog Post & YouTube Vlog
Stacie Swift: Instagram

*Also I know I've missed out a bunch of people probably so if you have a blog post, YT video, Instagram or Tweet to do with the swap just let me know and I'll include it! Obviously since this was a few months ago the content has gone really far into the abyss of the #CBloggers tag!

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