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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello! It's been a long time since I last posted anything on this blog… so long In fact that it is not 2017! How mental is that? And it also gets me onto the point of this blog post, today I wanted to speak about something I always try and do on this blog and that is my intentions and goals for the year ahead. So let's get started…

Get my sh!t together
One of my main things this year is to get organised. Yes I know it seems a bit ironic that this post is only getting shared today, when it should have been done like a week ago! But, yes, anyway, I'm trying to be more organised. I've got a diary, a wall calendar, my iPhone, MacBook and brand spanking new iPad Pro now so I have no reason not to be organised!

Create more content
Continuing on from my last point, I also want to get more organised and create more content on this blog and possibly, on YouTube too! It's pretty obvious I've been slack on here for at least the last year so I really do want to get back into it. I have plenty ideas so there's I just need to sit down and use my time wisely.

Push ideas for #Cbloggers
As well as my blog and YouTube I want to plan more for the Creative Bloggers community. Last year was so great to have the mini meet up and the Secret Santa Swap so I'd like to try and organise more things like that. Being that I'm up in Scotland it might not be so easy to directly organise more meet ups and in person events but I'd like to try and liaise with some brands to put on more events for #CBloggers. I also have an aim to do something like a Creative Bloggers weekend retreat or possibly a mini conference if possible. And lastly I'd love to do more mail swaps as the first one went really well!

Design more!
Last year I didn't really do all that much design if I'm honest so this year I really do want to get back into doing more work, more often and with more variety! I had thought about doing the Create365 again but because I want to do more actual design pieces I think I'd be better producing work on more of a weekly basis and giving myself the opportunity to experiment with that I'm doing more.
I'd also love to try and create more products for Etsy, so I'm aiming on producing at least one new item a month and/or 12 within the entire year. Although I'd obviously love to do loads more than this too, I think it's a good and realistic aim to start with as it'll be completely new designs I'll be working on but hopefully along a few different products?

Get invested in learning again
Since leaving Uni I have been kind of longing to be sitting down and do some proper learning again. So this year I'm making the intention to do some more learning on a whole- mainly within graphic design, creativity and social media but I'd also love to do some more learning out with this too if the opportunity arises. And so I'd like to read more articles, watch more tutorials/online courses and even better, go to more talks and conferences!

Quality 'ME' time
One of my big things this year is to have some proper ‘me’ time. Just now my me time doesn't really consist of much, apart from catching up on YouTube videos or watching Netflix. So this year I want to start having quality me time that would involve the likes of a bath, more reading physical books and generally pampering myself more. In relation to this, I also just want to try and start taking care of myself better. Going to bed and getting up at a decent time. Eating better foods and actually getting the extra vitamins I'm lacking. As well as few other personal health things that need to be sorted.
And lastly, because it's mentioned on the photo at the start, I should probably mention it, I want to do some travelling! I say this every year but this year I need to start actually saving better to be able to go to it!

That's all for my intentions this year, what are some of yours? I'm also stlil trying to think up a ‘word of the year’ so let me know what yours are for that if you have one too.

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