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Monday, October 17, 2016

It's been a while again since a little blog post update! But today is a something that I haven't done for even longer as today I am reviewing a book. For a while now I have been part of the Neverland Blog Tours and haven't joined in any but I finally asked to receive a copy of a book when I heard about Rhuna, The Star Child.

This thrilling sequel to Rhuna: Crossroads is set in mystical Ancient Egypt where Black Magic was developed by the followers of the legendary villain, The Dark Master.

As strange and frightening curses plague the population, Rhuna discovers the underground organization that performs this uncanny new magic, but she can only combat it with the help of her long-lost father.

Having learned from her father amazing new skills to empower her on the Astral Plane, Rhuna once again strives to preserve peace and harmony in the idyllic Atlan civilization. Far more challenging than fighting powerful Dark Forces, however, is Rhuna’s personal anguish when her daughter becomes involved with the leader of the Black Magic movement, and the once-perfect Atlan society based on utopian principles begins to crumble all around her.

Shocking events escalate Rhuna’s world to a breathless climax as she and her family undergo a momentous upheaval, and she is forced to make great personal sacrifices for her loved ones.

Now although this is a sequel, it is a book that you can jump straight into without reading the previous one! Which is definitely a good aspect when you fancy reading a new series but be warned(!) you'll be hooked to it. 

Throughout the book you follow Rhuna and her journey of controlling new powers, connecting with loved ones and trying to put an end to the Dark Forces that pose as a threat to not only her way of life, but her family and the population around her. The narrative of the story is kept high pace with constant twists that come to light through the visions that Rhuna and The Observers view. 

With the constant twists that occur throughout the 157 paged book, the entirety of the book is highly gripping and means that even from the first few pages, you are pulled into the story. Within the relatively short book, you would think that character development would be low, if not missing,. However I found that with the focus being largely on Rhuna it allows her character to be developed well and this development even carries into the supporting characters. 

Another aspect of the book I enjoyed throughout was the way many aspects of the story are described and the world that is created throughout, including the magical properties that are mentioned and how the skills such as stone making is represented. If you've read this blog for a while, you know that I love it when a book has mythological or fantasy aspects involved. 

Overall I would highly recommend this book to someone who is looking for a short YA Fantasy to get back into the swing of reading. Plus with it coming up to Halloween and now definitely getting into the more autumnal weather I would find this the perfect book to read to get into a magical mood or to chill out on a frosty evening with a cup of tea. 

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*Disclaimer: I was sent this book free of charge in connection with the Neverland blog tours promotion of this book. This does not in any way affect my opinions. All views and thoughts are my own.

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