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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Hello and welcome back to my blog! It's been like another month since I shared anything but here I am again with another wee travel post from my trip to London! It's mad to think that it was almost 1 month ago since I was there but I did love my time in the city!
Also I do have some plans for other blog posts so hopefully I'll get them out soon. Anyway, onto this travel post...

Punk Albums at The British Library.
China Town!
Some of the Graphic Design at the MinaLima Studios Exhibition.
Butterbeer Ice cream @ Harry Potter Studios
One of the crafters who works on creating the physical props in the Harry Potter Studios.
Zines at The Barbican Library
Cake and a Cider at the #Cbloggers Meet Up! 
A photo of Big Ben from a bike ride throughout the city.
A collection of letterpress at a Market Stand on the Sunday Markets.
One of the many butterflies in the Sensational Butterflies Enclosure at the Natural History Museum.
If you remember from a few posts ago, or even from seeing it on my Twitter or Instagram you will know that last month I headed down to good ol' London for about a weeks holiday. During my time down in London, Darren and I got up to sooo much with visits to several museums, exhibitions and toursity bits. I also got to meet up with some of the #CBloggers community (plus Tim) while down there which was super lovely and if you were there, thanks for coming! 

It was six full on days of walking, tubing and moaning about how bloody hot it was! Seriously, as a Scot who is used to the hottest it being about 21° on a good day, the late 20's/early 30's was pretty killer. During the course of our time there, we visited: The British Library, MinaLima (The Harry Potter Graphic Design Exhibition), The British Museum, Harry Potter Studios, The Barbican Library, Sea Life Aquarium, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Natural History Museum, V&A (Late) and also did a Jack The Ripper Tour and walked around Convent Garden, Oxford Street and the Sunday Markets.

From everything we got up to during our trip, I have a handful of highlights that made the trip for me including... getting to see all the graphic design for the Harry Potter films at MinaLima, getting to speak to and view all the plans and drawings for Harry Potter film props, finally meeting and speaking to #CBloggers folks, going on a bike ride through London streets, visiting Sunday Markets (especially Brick Lane) and being able to view so many beautiful butterflies flying around. 

The week down in London was pretty incredible and honestly such an amazing time. I love the atmosphere and culture down there and it's really just not something you get up here in Aberdeen, luckily Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh are in league with it but it's still not the same hustle and bustle. So hopefully I can get down to London more often and I suppose, that means yes, even if it is by Megabus...

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