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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Late last year I wrote about a person in my life whom is a huge inspiration, my Granda. Well, today(!!) he turns 70 and late one night this week I just started thinking about all the things he has taught me, not just as a grandparent/grandchild relationship. But as so much more than that and showing how to live the best life. So in honour of his birthday, I thought I would share 7 (not 70, that would take a fair while) things he has taught me over the 21 years of my life. 

Creativity is massive
I spoke about this briefly in the post from last year but my Granda has always been a creative role model of sorts during my life. But what I have learnt from him in regards to creativity is that there is so many ways someone can explore it. It doesn't mean you can paint a masterpiece but more that you can logically, strategically and aesthetically plan or create something. And although my Granda may not be artistically talented, he certainly is skilled in what he can make with his hands or do with his thoughts, which in the long term, may be more important. 

There's value in talking
This is another pretty obvious thing to learn but I'm not really just meaning to talk about problems or worries, I also mean to talk about your passions, your dreams, your hopes and to be someone that can encourage another to pursue them. My Granda has consistently been someone I show my work to or when I played violin, played it for him. Through speaking to me about the things I was interested in, making them feel valid, it grew those passions and ideas even more and that is so important to have considering so many peoples dreams can be shot down.  

There is many ways to problem solve
My Granda was the one who taught me how to complete sudoko's. Every time there was a paper spare, he would go straight to the 'Puzzle' sections of them and get started on a sudoko or a crossword. Still now any time I am able to when he starts on, I will sit down and complete it with him. But as well as him completing these sorts of puzzles, he also puts this problem solving mentality into everything he does. Growing up and still even now, if there was something broken like a loose board on a bed, a wonky chest of drawers or even something made in my Craft and Design classes, he would be quick to jump into his shed and find bits and pieces to fix it. 

There's humour in all aspects of life
Ok so, my Granda, if you ever met him, is one of those people that seriously don't care about the opinions of others, which is really a lesson itself. But what I admire is that my Granda effortlessly makes people laugh and feel at ease. He shows over and over again that no matter how bad a situation can be, he can still be optimistic and make you laugh when you wouldn't think you would. 

Growing older doesn't mean you grow up
Kind of related to my last point is that my Granda is a massive goofball. There are many people that when they grow up they can't do things as well as they could before or that the weight of what they have lived through brings them down. This isn't my Granda in the slightest. Instead, he continues to make jokes, play games and goof about. There are some that when they get to a certain age will tell people "you don't want to grow up", but in all honesty, I think my Granda would say differently. 

You gain so much from going exploring
Again, I spoke about this in my last post but my Granda has as long as I can remember enjoyed getting outdoors. When I was younger he would take us for walks up past the lake, through the fields or round the park and it is still something he does to this day. I can't say for sure that I know how he feels when he has been outdoors but I know that when I've been out it refreshes my mind and I definitely owe that to my him.

Family come first
Obviously many know that family come first but it's a lot harder for someone to implement it all the time. But I think my Granda does the best he can, all the time, especially lately. Over the past few years my Nannie's health and physical ability has decreased a lot, add in breaking her arm earlier this year and it's been extremely difficult. Through this time though my Granda will constantly do what he can when she needs him. This means occasionally he misses out on things for himself and although he may mind it, he'd rather be helping my Nannie instead. 

So that's a summary of 7 Things I learned from my Granda through the years and to be honest, I doubt he's realised he has taught me a portion of this. But anyway, what are some things you have learned from a loved one? 

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