Honours Year Project // Empower The Designer

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Last up in my lil Honours Project series is the one about my poster series. Carrying on from the first two posts (A Run Through and Meraki App), the last of these is the thing that pull everything together into a series about encouraging designers through their concept development and the tools they use. 

The posters I created then compiled some of the views I had on these areas and then I screen printed them because 1. who doesn't like to get their hands messy? and 2. screen print is damn fun to do! But in all seriousness, the whole project at the end was an exploration into creativity in the digital age but initially, it was more of a play and test of tools within the creative process so it makes sense to take the things I'd tried and make them part of the final "product" too.

So below is some shots of the screen prints. But they will make way onto my online shop at some point too so keep an eye out for that! In the mean time find out more info and read about the full process on my website here: http://www.ohhaystudio.com/#/empower-the-designer/ and again through my honours project blog here: lh-honoursproject.tumblr.com

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