Abertay Digital Graduate Show 2016 // ByeBye Uni!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's been pretty quiet across here, again but the reason for that if you do not know is because I've been prepping for getting my dissertation and honours projects finished and submitted. And also getting things ready for my degree show...

Two years ago you may remember I shared my College End of Year Exhibition in which I shared my stand and wrote a lil bit about the opening night and the details for attending, so it makes sense to do the same for my Uni Degree show too. 

So there we are! My set up for the degree show in which I have two spaces- the first being the generic board with an A2 Poster, a computer speaking about the project and a table with my sketchbooks and freebies. The second is for my Empower The Designer poster series which were all screen printed. 

I realise I haven't shared too much on here currently about my final projects but I'll try get round to it over the next few weeks! But for now, you can find more info about them on my swanky new website: OhHayStudio.com Although, this blog will be getting transported over to there at some point too! 

It's been a weird exhibition this year tbh, during my College show I knew it was the end of my time at College and was kind of ready to move on? But with Uni it feels totally different- I just can't get my head around the fact that I'm finished Uni now and I will be stepping into the "adult" world soon. Maybe it 's because 2 years ago I had an idea of where I was going and what I was doing but now I'm not in that position and it's a total mystery! 

Either way, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what happens now that it means applying all my design studies to practice and real life projects! 

Oh, one last thing! If you fancy coming along and seeing all the work on display at the show, it's open until the 15th of May 12-4pm everyday! Let me know if you pop along, I'll be about this Thursday/Friday and for tidying everything up on Sunday too! 

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