2015 Favourite Design Projects

Saturday, March 26, 2016

At the start of last year I shared a post titled '2014 Favourite Design Projects', it was pretty much a time capsule of all my favourite design work that I had made during the year of 2014. And now that we're a few months into 2016, I realised I really wanted to reflect on what I had produced within 2015. 
Throughout 2015, I worked on a lot of different things, including the final design work for my 3rd Year Uni Projects, #Create365, 4th Year Uni Work and the odd bit of freelance things here and there. However, I definitely didn't work on as many personal projects last year compared to 2014,  even though it was something I wanted to try and produce more of. 

If you've read my blog for a while then it's fairly likely you have these designs before in my Creative Research Part 2 summary. But if you haven't- the posters were a series of Social Media inspired designs, created by going back to a more "traditional" approach using paint and brushes.
This was one of my favourite designs this year mainly because of how well people responded to it (mainly the Explore The World one) and how it got me back to using traditional techniques. 
Another piece of design from my Social Media related work was a zine more related to do with what myself and others thought of the Internet. This was very much a passion project although it was uni work and I just love how it turned out. 
Another of my Uni final projects was an app design with UI and illustration created for it. Another of my favourite designs due to the "back to basics" approach I took with it but it also got me to really think about illustration in a way I hadn't explored before.
[Read more here]
One project I didn't share at all really last year was the design work I done for a Mobile Game. This was my 'Professional Project' during 3rd Year where we worked with a company and then in a group, developed the concept, created the assets and put it all together to then create a final outcome. I think my favourite part of this project was because it was soo different to what I was use too- it was group project where everybody actually had a defined role and it really pushed you to do so. It was such a good experience for the future. 

Obviously I had to include this, my exhibition for Wednesday's Girl in Edinburgh at the end of May. With displaying my #Create365 work (some featured below), it really let em see how and what it was like to be part of a group exhibition for something that wasn't educational! Plus it was lovely to get the feedback about all this work I was doing.
[See more of the exhibition here]
As I mentioned above, my #Create365 was a really big thing. It was possibly the best thing I could have decided to do at the start of 2015 because it pushed me creatively and I explored so many things because of it. I definitely wouldn't be at the point I am now if it hadn't been because of this project.
[See more of the project here]
Another thing I worked on this year that was really new to me was this tattoo design for my sister. It was awesome to be able to develop the concept/idea my sister had and then eventually seeing it tattoo'd onto her afterwards.
One project I loved developing work for but haven't actually got round to uploading (well, reuploading cause it didn't work the first time) was my card designs for Thortful, although this definitely something I'll get round to working on over the next few months!

One of the last things I really worked on this year but definitely my favourite thing from the entire year was my Animal Illustration/Typography work. It was such a new concept for me to work on but I've loved being able to play around with these ideas and then start using ink over the past few months has been amazing! Expect to see much more of these in the next few months!
Last but not least, my Christmas decoration designs! In the 2014 version of this post, I featured my designs for Christmas that year and since doing them I really wanted to keep this up and make it like a 'tradition', so these were my 2015 designs- inspired by my geometric #create365 work. 
And that's it! My favourite projects from 2015 and a lil background about them. I'm so excited to see what 2016 will bring, especially with me graduating and that opening up and array of new opportunities too! Plus, I've made and done a lot already this year that I'm so happy with that I honestly can't even begin to imagine what I'll do over the coming months!
Please share below your thoughts on my work and share some of your stuff too! 

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