December Currently... {Blogmas Day 1}

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Could someone please explain to me how it is December already?! It feels like it was only January yesterday! Anyway, with it being December I thought I would try hope on the #Blogmas train! So why not start the month with a lil month update...

Currently I am...
Reading: Hiraeth A Loss - Colled by Liz Riley Jones. This is the last book in the series that I first received from Liz back at the end of December last year. I'm a little sad to know that this is the last book but super excited to find out what happens! [More info here]

Listening: Ron Pope. This is one of many artists I've come across this year because of Spotify. He is also the artist I decided to focus one of my Uni mini projects on since his music really allows for interpretation! [Listen here]

Playing with: My MacBook. Last week I finally got my Macbook! Almost 5 months after my birthday... oh well! Buy anyway, I'm just trying to get back into the habits of using an apple computer as it's been about a year and a half since the last time I used one! But so far, so good!

Also Playing with: Benji the Jug. Darren's family got a new family pet last week, a Jack Russell and Pug cross over. He is super sweet and sooo tiny! It's adorable! [See picture above!]

Thinking about: Christmas Holidays! I'm honestly so ready for it to be the Christmas holidays and being able to relax a bit more. Plus I'm also having a little trip to Edinburgh again which I'm majorly looking forward to. 

Working on: Christmas Decoration Designs. Last year I made these Christmas designs and although I wanted to make more and sell the again this year I just haven't given myself the time. Instead I'll be making some for gifts and cards for Friends & Family again. So far it's been a design that has followed the style of a lot of things I've done through #Create365 and so doesn't include peoples names. But I think that's ok since last years ones had names instead!

Also Working on: Uni Stuff. I have an update presentation next week before finishing for Christmas so I'm trying to get a few other things finished before then so I can get a lot of feedback. This so far includes a typographic project and the music stuff mentioned above. The typographic project is split into two though as one is "for" Thortful and the other is just hand lettering stuff. I might also squeeze in one last thing if I have time too. 

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  1. This year has flown by, I swear the older you get, the faster time passes. It's crazy! How freakin' adorable is Benji, I bet he'll be a bundle of fun this Christmas!

    Barbie Sparkles | Beauty, +SizeFashion and Lifestyle Blog

    1. It definitely does! Although I have heard that there is a way to combat this by continuing to try and learning throughout your years! He is so adorable! I don't know how he'll deal with aa tree though :')!

  2. Ron Pope!! I completely forgot about him - his song 'A drop in the Ocean' was one of my favourites for so long quite a few years ago now. Thanks for the reminder! Excited to see you're doing blogmas <3

    1. He's so great isn't he!? I think I heard 'A Drop in the Ocean' years ago but never went and listened to anything else by him but he's so good! I hope I do it justice :P <3

  3. This year has gone so quickly! I can't believe it's almost the end of 2015, I'm slightly scared as It means I turn 27 in 3 months time and I'm not ready! Benji is gorgeous by the way! Good luck with blogmas, I'm doing it too and so far so good!


    Georgia Petite

    1. Yeah I never used to be scared of getting older but now like every other day I'm freaking out thinking, "CRAP! I'm in my TWENTIES!", there's just so much responsibility now! Thanks, I'll let him know ;) Good luck to you too! x



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