Creativity // Recent Inspirations #5 {#CrazyRebelliousArt: Day 13}

Friday, November 13, 2015

It's been a long time since my last Recent Inspirations post and thought with today's prompt for #CrazyRebelliousArt being what's been inspiring you this week, what better time to share an updated version of it! 

 Annie Pancake (photo from Your Weekly Reminder)- I've been following Annie's blog for a while but I've honestly loved her little weekly reminders! They're great posts for some inspiration!
From Roses (photo from 6 Podcasts to Listen To)- In general I've been loving her blog lately and I always get so much photo inspiration from her!
Crmsy (photo from Wanderlust)- Ahh! I'm so happy to be mentioning this blog. It's run by Caitlin who used to run Thistle & Tea! But she started this blog a while ago and has started uploading more regularly recently. Honestly, just go check it out!

Dress- This dress is really similar to one I picked up from H&M a few weeks ago and it's such an amazing style! I want to wear it but not sure what to wear it for, plus I'm a little anxious about wearing it!
Vans- So since it's Autumn I've been wearing my Vans again and it makes me so happy! I love wearing my Vans at this time of year!
Subtle Space Hair Ok yes I shared this in my last post but I'm hopefully going to actually be doing it THIS week and I am so excited! Plus I got a hair curler a few weeks ago which has been awesome to use!
Poster Design- So this is the type of style of design work I'm trying to start doing more of! And plus the design team behind it (Blacklist) are incredible!
Botanical- As always flowers and nature in general are inspiring to me and still feature a lot in my work! But I've definitely gone back to a more simple approach to them!
Hand Lettering- Well, it's no lie that I've been loving hand lettering lately and this piece is amazing!

Graphic Art/Tattoo's-  I'm still wanting to get a tattoo like mad, and my list of what I want has definitely grown! But I've also been getting a lot of inspiration from the graphicy style of a lot of tattoos!
Music (spotify)- Having listened to a lot of new tunes through Spotify lately it's given my a few ideas for more hand lettered pieces. Plus it was through Spotify I heard Matt Corby, who's artwork was designed by Blacklist (poster above)! So it's been a complete circle!
Autumn- Of course Autumn is inspiring me! All the colours and nature in general. Ugh, it's amazing!

What's been inspiring you lately?

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  1. Now that tattoo is absolutely amazing, I am liking that a lot.

  2. I'm inspired by all the Christmas cheer around me, i've had so many ideas to craft Christmas presents and things. Not long now! x



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