My Dream Studio Space {#CrazyRebelliousArt: Day 18}

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

For today's #CrazyRebelliousArt, I'm meant to share a photo of your studio or workspace. However, currently, this space does not exist. If I'm working or drawing on stuff I can promise you that I am most likely either A) sitting/lying on my bed, B) sitting on my bedroom floor, C) taking up the entire sofa in either the living room or the conservatory or lastly, D) working in the drawing studio/on one of the computers at Uni. So yep, I have no 'defined' space to work in although I would really like one. 

Anyway, since I don't have any space I can actually share, apart from the few photos I've popped in from the Uni's drawing studio because it's just so nice and peaceful to work in there on a Friday morning! I thought it would be nice to share a bit of dream wishlist of what I would want my Studio space to look like and little bits and bops I would want in it! 

Images from Pinterest
So pretty much my dream studio space would be painted white with big windows to let loads of light in and to feel nice and airy. I would like a large sized room because I would really hope to have lots of storage, so lots of shelves for my books and drawers to put artwork/sketchbooks/excess tools in, plus a space on top of my desk for my most used tools. As well as this I would obviously need a desk for doing desk work where (one day) my iMac would sit, another space for my drafting table/desk to sit on that I've had since secondary school. Having a large space would also mean lots of areas to spread out if I wanted to do large pieces of artwork. 
In front of my 'main' desk I would have a moodboard with loads of samples, art/design work and pieces of paper with test marks from ink, pens and paints! I would also love to have some proper artwork up on the walls. Colour wise the overall room would be quite pale and white but I would probably accent it with cool greys and mint greens. I'm also still on the fence about a dark stained desk compared to a stark white one... 
Typography Print// Chalk Globe // Palmistry Hand //Desk // Plants // Lamp
Noticeboard// Wooden drawers // Alex Drawers // Desk Tidy // Book shelf
So above is a bit of a 'wishlist' of items that I would like to have in my own studio space. Some are a bit more of a 'must' such as the desk and storage, whereas the likes of the print and globe are for more aesthetic purposes. It pretty much is a list that only consists of home furnishings from Asda and Ikea... but Asda do have some damn good stuff and I've never got anything from Ikea, so that's my excuse!

Anyway, what does your dream studio look like? What furnishings would you have?

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