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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

For today's #CrazyRebelliousArt the topic is to share photos of your city and tell us what you like or don't like about living there. I'm not going to lie, I've had troubles with my hometown over the years- Stonehaven, but I think in recent years I've grown to love everything it has to offer. Even if not everybody I may know there is as up to par as the history, scenery or food is!
[Apologies for this being very photo heavy! Thought I may as well make the use of the photos I have.]

So as I said before, my hometown is Stonehaven. You may have heard of it before for several reasons including; 
  • Dunnottar Castle- Due to a lot of history involving the Crown Jewels and Mary, Queen of Scot. Also in the 1990's it was used for filming parts of the Mel Gibson Hamlet and then back in 2014 (?) it was used to film parts of the new Frankenstein with Daniel Radcliffe. It also featured in a map from COD a few years ago too. 
  • Deep Fried Mars Bar- Yep, this very well known 'Scottish' delicacy was created in my home town and to be pretty honest, I have never tried it, nor do I think I will! Also, we do have several other award winning Chip Shops as well as Ice Cream shops!
  • Fireballs- Unfortunately no photo from me for this but check some YouTube video's here. The fireballs are a Hogmany (New Year) Tradition that is done by swinging large metal cages around your heads that are filled with bits of rubbish and things and then, obviously, lit on fire! After walking down the old High Street of Stonehaven, the fireballs are then chucked into the Harbour. Another fun little fact about this is that it is tradition that usually only those who have lived in Stonehaven their entire (or majority) of their lives can take part in this tradition- so I could potentially do this! 
Anyway, this post isn't really meant to be about why my town can be placed on the map for being awesome and more onto what I think of it truthfully. So yeah, over the years my relationship with my home town has changed. I used to find it boring and lacked a lot of things to offer for young people aged between 13 and 25 (as long as it wasn't drinking for those over 18). And although that circumstance hasn't changed, I've found new ways and new things to do that I enjoy. 

It's pretty evident from all of the posts I've done over the years but I do love to go out with my photography and in all honesty, Stonehaven has a lot to offer in terms of scenery. To the East there's the ocean and cliff edges, and then mainly to the West and South there are plenty of woods to explore and finally, pretty much all around, there are loads and loads of fields to take pictures of. And over the past few years these things have made me fall in love with my town a lot more than I was at the ages of 13, 14 and 15. 

Lastly, I think one of the important aspects that bring a lot of business to Stonehaven is the community. I've already touched on the Fireballs already, which are always popular among locals and tourist and to get a decent spot to see them you need to head down usually about 10pm. But other than that there is a lot of other things in my hometown that bring people together, whether it's the yearly Feein' market, the Harbour Festival or the Bonfire Fireworks which happened this past Sunday. I think I'm pretty lucky to live somewhere that does do things like these and includes people- even if you don't to be involved with every single one of them. 

But anyway, I definitely do like my home town and hope that one day I can live in a similar place with a great community, beautiful scenery, an interesting history and tbh, great transport links as well. Because even though I do enjoy my home town just now I know it isn't and won't be my final place to live in this life and that I will find these things elsewhere and grow to love that place too. 

Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear a bit about your home town below, as well as your thoughts on Stonehaven too! 

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  1. Oh wow I probably went past Stonehaven in the train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen last spring! Scotland is lovely. I took so many photos when I was there, which are here if you are curious: We were in the Dufftown area as well.
    Fireballs sounds cool. It sounds very cathartic.

    1. You probably did! Yeah it's definitely a good naturey place!

  2. Wow it looks so cosy and quaint...I think I'd like the place. Nature is definitely my thing!

    1. Should come for a visit then! ;D Get some nature and ice cream!



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