Life // A Huge Inspiration {#CrazyRebelliousArt: Day 5}

Thursday, November 05, 2015

For today's post for #CrazyRebelliousArt the topic is to speak about 5 people who inspire you. However since over the years on this blog I've written about countless different designers, artists and a handful of photographers, I thought I'd throw in some people just who in my life and generally just inspire me. But through doing this I spoke about my Granda and in the process of that, wrote more about him in a single paragraph than everything else I wrote added together... So today instead I am just more speaking about my Granda in general. 

Overall, my family have been a huge support and have all constantly been supportive of me doing/studying creative subjects like art and design. I have definitely always been the person in my family, no matter if it's looking at my mums side or my dads side, that is the 'artistsic' one or the 'creative' one. And because of this I was constantly asked by different people if I would be going of and studying at Gray's later in life from like age 10! 

But the person who I honestly feel like who has been the most supportive, inspiring and understanding is my Granda from my mums side. He has always been someone that I've looked to for kind of creative direction. Throughout my childhood we would come up to stay for a few days and more often than not, he would be working away in his shed making something. The fact that he was always making things with his hands like benches, bear factory clothes cupboards or guinea pig hutches has most likely stayed with me and been the reason as to why I love using traditional tools in my work. 

Throughout my childhood he was always excited to be seeing or hearing about what I was doing. Over the years my experiences and what I have been doing has changed from when he would ask to hear me play the violin, to making a model of his back garden & shed for his birthday and then into more recent years to when he would give me feedback on my graphic design work and we could speak about photography. 

After this trip up to my grandparents a few weeks ago, I just had this lovely experience with my Granda where he wanted to sit through and look at all the photos I had taken on my DSLR and I have tons of photos on there! I think we spent an hour of him looking through them all and occasionally speaking about a certain one. It was honestly so lovely to sit and just speak to him during this time and to have him be interested in what I had been doing. 

But anyway, my Granda is a huge inspiration to me, especially in the way I look and think about life. Not only that, the way we would spend time together when I was younger has influenced my work and how I am now. We would go for lots of walks when my mum & Nannie would go to Bingo and I still loving going for these walks now but now with a camera in hand. It means a heck of a lot to me that I am able to have this person in my life that always sees the best in what I think I can do but as he said before, will know I will stay with my feet on the ground even if my head is in the skies. 

Who's an important or inspiration person in your life?

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  1. That's so sweet! I'm glad you have such supportive people in your life. It really makes a difference.

    I'm going to say my husband is important to my creative life right now, because he works and brings in the money so I don't have to. Then I can focus on raising our daughter and taking care of the house and doing creative work when I am not doing those things. He's also helpful in making sure I have what I need to be creative, like recently we talked about me setting up a small painting studio in a part of our bedroom. I appreciate that he is willing to considering giving up some space so I can do art!

    1. It really does! I know so many people who have been discouraged and even put down by those close to them for wanting to pursue a creative based career/future studies and it annoys me so much!
      Also it's so great to hear that you have a lot of support yourself. A painting studio would be awesome to- it is the dream one day! ;)



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