OhHay!... Wait, what? {#CrazyRebelliousArt: Day 15}

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Today's blog post from #CrazyRebelliousArt is focused around what our blog 'name/tagline' means. I think I've briefly covered it before but can't remember what blog post it's in so I'll just share it again! 

So a few years ago when I was nearing the end of my 1st year at College studying Graphic Design, we needed to create a brand identity and 'website' for ourselves. When coming up with my branding I didn't really want to just go for the standard of my name and after a bit of brainstorming I ended up going with "OhHay!".
My original 'branding' and iterations...
...urhhh... really embrarrasing 'self promotional web page'...
The idea of the name pretty much came around because of a thing that happened a lot during school with my last name which was people saying "Oh Hay, Lauren Hay!". It was a bit of a long running joke and I won't lie, it did get a it annoying after a while but I do feel like now it is quite quirky and fun!

One of my newer pieces to distract from the awfulness of the above!...
With starting my blog up at the time as well, it just seemed like the perfect fit to use the same name but obviously adding "blog" at the end. I don't know what the future of this blog or even whatever you'd call my "freelance" design/making stuff will be and I have no idea if I'll continue using the name. But for the mean time I'm happy... I just need to give myself a bit of a brand overhaul! 

What's the meaning behind your blog name? 

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