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Friday, November 06, 2015

A few weeks ago I did a little review of my current favourite tools to use in my artwork which was the TomBow Dual Brush Pens but today I'm back to speak about my absolute top favourite that beat these guys out the water! Anyway, these tools are the Sigma Micron Pens and they've been an awesome arty find this year for my #Create365

When I purchased these at the start of the year I didn't really know what to expect from them. All I knew was that they were loved among graphic designers, illustrators and hand letterers so for me they definitely seemed like the perfect well-rounded tool that would get me through my year long project! There are a few things that I love most about these pens including the variety of tips and the reliable ink as well as how easy they are to use. And if you know where to look, you can get these bad boys quite cheap for how good they are!

The Tips
The first pack of these pens I bought was in a pack of 7 and I have definitely developed a love for the variety of tip widths you get with these pens. From 005 to an 08 there is so much variation in them that I can honestly use them for anything from logo designs to detail drawings and doodles. 

The ink 
With a lot of 'black' pens they never really seem black, often having a slightly blue tint or just not dark enough. However these pens are totally different. Out of all the pens I've ever used (and trust me that's a lot), they are definitely the boldest ones I've had. And also for the most part, I've never had any issues with smudging and they don't get get ruined with water. (I've only had problems with my newest packet with my 03 being unusually easy to smudge.)

As I said at the beginning of this post, I pretty much bought these for my #Create365 project and that's definitely where I've gotten the most use of them so far. Sure they're great for drawing out graphic design things but throughout this year with the amount of drawing I've been doing, these have just been my go to for that. I've shared a few different artworks I've done in this post with these, with both the last two combining the tombow pens to give a bit more colour into them. 

These are honestly my favourite pens to use to do line work on anything or fill in lettering. The colour is great plus the ink flows super well too! I learned recently that you can buy a big pack of these which has every colour, type and size of these pens in one box so I'm thinking I may buy that if I get any money for Christmas next month! 

Once again, I feel like I should say this in no way is a sponsored or paid review although I am going on about them like it is! I just love using them.

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  1. Micron pens are so nice!! I promised to stay with my budget last month but ended up buying a pack of these happy I did though. x

    1. They're worth it though! Such great quality x



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