Unseen Photos {2015 so far}

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today I'm back with another photography post, you guys know I love doing these! Anyway, throughout 2015 so far I've taken a lot of photos and many of them have never seen the light of day so thought I would share them! In this post there's a few from a different day trip to Aberdeen's Winter Gardens and then a handful of photos from the night where the moon was not a moon, it was  SUPERMOON! And I really just fancied sharing them with you- especially my moon photos (I love the moon ok?). I'm not going to get your hopes up with my red moon photo though, there's a reason I have shared it so far... and that reason is because it's extremely fuzzy due to cloud hiding it pretty much away for the entire time I stayed up for it! And then there's just a couple others from other day trips and being bored with my camera!

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  1. I love photography posts as I think it's lovely to be able to see things through the eyes/lens of someone else. Beautiful photos!

  2. I LOVE this post. I think photography is so magical. Great shots. x



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