Travel // Glasgow Photo Diary

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last week Darren and I had a little overnight trip to Glasgow again. Our trip was pretty similar to our one back in July so I don't have a huge amount of photos from different places to share this time- instead I have photos from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and a typography exhibition at 'On The Corner'.

I'm not going to lie I was a little gutted with the Kelvingrove but I think I was expecting an experience like I had the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Although there was some bits and pieces that were amazing like 'floating heads'. The exhibition at On The Corner was amazing though and really made our little trip for me! It was a very last minute find from going to The Lighthouse and seeing posters for it. It was pretty much an exhibition showing the work of several different artists and designs who include typography and letter forms in their work. I think it's still on for the next few days so if you can pop along to it, definitely try too! 

We also had a lovely Italian at Il Panove- I'd highly recommend! It is a little expensive but it was fairly quiet when we were there plus the food and service were amazing so definitely a good dinning experience! On the topic of food, we also had a really great lunch takeaway from a sandwich called Metro Sandwich Co. Like it was honestly such a great meal deal, for £5.05 I got a bottle of diet coke, a cheese panini and a side of chips.

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