Photo Diary // DCA Hideyuki Katsumata Exhibition

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Today Lauren and I had another trip to the DCA planned to have a visit of the current Exhibition by Hideyuki Katsumata which has been brought to the city of Dundee as part of the Discovery Film Festival.

The whole exhibition featured around Katsumata's illustrations that have been produced into prints, painted onto the walls as large murals and animations. Within his illustrations some of the recurring themes include UFO's, limbless bodies, dragons, robots and more crazy creations! 

On a whole, I think this is most probably the best exhibition I've been to at the DCA so far! I thought the illustrations were incredible and many had really important views behind them. Also I absolutely loved how there was one room that featured a handful of glow in the dark artworks and one typography piece. I also thought the illustrations that were drawn onto unusual paper stock including old book pages and music sheets is such an innovative idea and I really feel like I should try something similar with my own art work. Lastly, I have to say the cute wee character that features amongst a lot of his art works is the best thing about them! They give the art work so much character and humor as well. 

What was the last exhibition you visited? 

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  1. Looks like such a cool exhibit! I haven't been to a good exhibit since I left Uni really. Would love to check this one out :)

    Ashleigh x

    Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡

    1. Give yourself a little break from things and just try to find some that interest you! Might get inspiration working in new ways! x

  2. This looked like such a great exhibit. So many interesting pieces. Last one I went to was AMF-Korsets, very interesting!

    1. It was! That sounds awesome, I'll look it up!



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