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Saturday, October 03, 2015

It's been a really long time since I've shared or spoken about anything related to music in a while but I've been refinding old music loves recently that I felt needed to share some of those -as well as some new finds- that I feel are underrated in the music!

I do have lots of musicians I want to mention so I'm going to break this up into a few parts and share the other parts at a later date!

Photo from
First up is The Rocket Summer, a solo-project by Byce Avery. The Rocket Summer sits in the indie-rock genre and the most incredible thing about the band is that Bryce writes, produces and plays every single instrument on every single he creates! It's incredible  I first came across the him back in about 2010/2011 and is music has always touched me as I feel like I can relate to it so well. 
Best Album- Live Album: His words, your voices
Best Single- Do You Feel

Photo of Marianas Trench from
Next is Marianas Trench- a Canadian pop rock band. Again I came across these guys back in 2010 and every time I listen to their music I am thrown back to my 15 year old self an the memories that come with it. It's quite ironic since they have a song called "Arcadia" that is basically about nostalgia. The one thing I adore about this band is that they literally have a huge variety in their sound and one minute can make you get up and dance and the next have you weeping! I especially love their longer songs from certain albums that compile and reference songs from that album!
Best Album- Masterpiece Theater
Best Single- Stutter (this was so hard btw!)

Photo of Mayday Parade (from FB)
Now time for one of my all time favourite (top 3 here!) bands- Mayday Parade! Now I know that this band may be pretty well known among those in the pop punk world but compared to the big names in that part of the industry I feel their underrated! Anyway, this is a band that I definitely listened to constantly over the years but didn't follow that they were releasing new music as and when it happened. I honestly love this band a lot and they are definitely one of my go to when I'm having those bad days. (Also if you follow me on tumblr you may realise that my url is edited from one of their songs!)
Best Album-  A Lesson In Romantics
Best Single- Oh Well, Oh Well

Photo of Every Avenue
Last up is the band Every Avenue. Unfortunately this band actually disbanded a few years ago but that hasn't stopped me loving their music 3 years on! And once again it's a pop punk band (no surprise there!). I think the main reason I've continued to enjoy listening to their music all these later is because like Marianas Trench, it sends me back to Summer 2010 and that time with my friends. Although they aren't together anymore, they're still definitely worth a listen!
Best Album- Bad Habits
Best Single- Picture Perfect

Okay lastly, I just had to add this song from The Rocket Summer called Underrated (I think it actually kick started this idea tbh!) and so it really fits in with this topic! Enjoy!! 

So that's a collection of a few of my favourite underrated musicians. I hope I've given you some new music finds to listen to and please give me some suggestions of your favourite underrated musicians too! 

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  1. Oh I love Mayday Parade! I also agree that A Lesson in Romantics is their best album. I listened to that album on repeat sosososo much.

    My favorite artist is James Blunt, who most people only know him from "You're Beautiful." He's got some great other albums and songs. "When I Find Love Again" is one of his newer singles. Although I really like all of his albums..I can't choose a favorite!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

    1. haha yep same here! Oooh James Blunt is a good 'un too! Was thinking of including him as well but that'll probably be in a future one instead! x

  2. I need to update myself with music and bands _ i am so out of touch lately. R

    1. Awh no! Definitely check some new bands out :)

  3. I have never heard any of these so maybe I should take your recommendation and check the music out.



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