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Friday, September 04, 2015

At the start of the year I was kindly sent the book Hiraeth A Marc* to review. Earlier in the Summer I was sent the second in the series, Hiraeth A Burden*, again to review! 

The fleet finally arrives home, but to an atmosphere fraught with tension and suspicion. The reunion between Cai and Mona is difficult, as he learns she has given birth to another man's child. The spy has yet to be caught and the community at the Conway, joined by Druids from Cornwall and Gallcia, remain in constant fear of attack from the Irish enemy. 

Mona struggles to combine motherhood with her warrior instincts and when her devastating power erupts again she finds it has become increasingly uncontrollable. The Archdruid fears her vulnerability to the Celtic language could be used by their enemies to destroy them. Cai is given the task of helping her overcome this weakness, but they don't have much time, and can they ever get over their personal conflict? The reason why Mona is wanted so badly by the Irish clan becomes clear when she finally confronts the man who ordered her parent's murder.

Once again like with the first book, I grew attached and found myself utterly connected to the book. In all honesty, you could compare my experience with the book to how Mona can feel being put under the stress of the Celtic language. 

The new book by Jones follows on pretty much exactly where the first one finishes, with the fleets returning home and the home front ready to fight. Throughout this part of the story, the book is focused on finding out who is the traitor amongst the community, as well as trying to break the hold the Celtic language can have over Mona. 

The book follows the same kind of layout as the first one has with different points of views from the characters but mainly focusing on Mona and Cai. With the introduction of so many new characters at the end of the last book, it has meant there has been an influx of new perspectives which could make it confusing for some readers. However, it is an important aspect to the book as we the reader are able to follow the story through every little crack and hole. 

Throughout this book, the usage of mythology and Celtic stories is even more prominent than in the first book- which is a factor I love! Again, it isn't overdone or use in a cliched way that tears down the story. Instead, they are used to aid and help find out more about Mona's powers and possibly an even bigger link with the past. 

Like with the first book, I would recommend this book to people who enjoy fantasy themed books, especially ones focusing on magic and mythology but make sure you read the first book to start with as you may feel a little lost! With there being only one more book left in this series I am excited to find out what is going to happen with Mona and the rest of the gang as the ending of this book set up the last one nicely!

Let me know below if you've read any of this series and what you thought as well!

*Disclaimer: I was sent this book free of charge by Liz. This does not in any way affect my opinions. All views and thoughts are my own.

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  1. The books sound really interesting. I'll have to add them to my to read list.

  2. I love reading books about mythology and this sounds right up my ally. I will hunt for it on amazon x

    1. Definitely worth picking it and the first one up!



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