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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recently I've been very lucky to receive bits and pieces for me to read and then review on this blog. The latest of these was the 3 Parts Mad Comic* created by writer, Josh Moorby and illustrator, Sarah Docker. I don't tend to read many comics nowadays but after seeing some photos of 3 Parts Mad I honestly couldn't pass up the opportunity to have my own copy!

From receiving the comic in the post and now having read and looked through it, I can honestly tell you I was blown away by how it was put together and how beautiful it looks! Within the comic it is made up of short stories, poetry, flash fiction and stand alone art. One particular thing that blew me away was that every single thing within 3 Parts Mad was hand drawn, painted or written. As someone who still firmly believes that print isn't dead I love how they combined print with traditional creative methods! It really is a unique comic with a fresh approach to how it's done. 

From beginning to end I was pulled into the stories, the words and illustrations that fell on each page. I felt that the first story in the comic (Codeine White) really highlighted frustrations that many creatives go through, some, who like me can go through very often! With this kind of story it really drew me in and made me feel connected not only do the character featured within but to the creators of the comic. 

I also have to throw it out there that the illustrative parts of the comic are so beautiful. With a combination of different techniques and styles used, you wouldn't believe they were all from the one person! I specifically love the illustration featured above because just look at it! Look at all that detail!! 

Anyway, I am totally in love with this creative duo right now and I can't wait to see what else they produce in the future. Whatever it is I'm sure it is going to be full of beautiful words, amazing illustrations and raw-thought-provoking emotion. To see for yourself what they get up to and pick up your own copy you can find their shop here or check out their Facebook and Twitter.

*Disclaimer: I was sent the comic free of charge from 3 Part Mad. This does not in any way affect my opinions. All views and thoughts are my own.

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  1. This looks really interesting. I haven't read too many comic books, but the one I have I absolutely hated. However, I want to read more so I can find out whether or not they really are for me and this looks like a perfect one to try. It looks equally dark and compelling.

    1. I think it honestly would be a great fit for you! It is dark and compelling but also quite emotional too. It also isn't like as long as a standard comic and the pages of poetry and stand alone illustrations really help break it up.

  2. This looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing x

  3. This looks great. I love the artwork x



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