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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

So in my last little life update post, I shared that I had been on another little trip to Edinburgh! This time Darren and I headed down with a group of about 12 other members of the HP Society in RGU and spent the Wednesday Morning/Afternoon with them and then stayed for another two days. The last two times I was at Edinburgh I did a post for each day but with this being my 3rd trip in 9 months, I thought a little summary would be better!

Apparently this is the building that inspired Hogwarts... The concept I get, the building? Not so much!
The graveyard depicting he who must not be named
~~~Spooky underground tunnels~~~
Gotta love a good quote!
Magical ring of colourfulness
Cocktail? Yes please!

Obligitory photo of Edinburgh Castle
Wednesday was spent with the HP gang, so we set off from Aberdeen at 20 to 7 and arrived into Edinburgh about 10. After getting a few things sorted, we had our first activity of the day which was a HP Tour showing places that inspired J.K.Rowling while writing the books plus places she visited. It was a really interesting tour and if you're a Potterhead I would deffo recommend going along on one of them! After this our group split up to do other activities, our first one was another Ghost Tour! This was my first 'day' time one so it was slightly different but still just as great as the other ones I've been on. Then lastly with most of our group, we headed to Camera Obscura and worked our way through the levels! During this trip there, we also got to see the little 'show' the do during the day which was great as when we went in November we just missed the last one for the day! After this the rest of the group headed of too get their bus home and Darren & I had a little look round the shops before heading out for tea at the Filling Station. I'm not going to lie I super love that restaurant and I may have been a wee bit tipsy after mixing a few drinks too!

(yes this is a real doggy in the window but no, he didn't have a waggily tail)
Amazing cupcake!
Really awesome shakey drawing thing
I love weird exhibitions!
Another weird but awesome exhibition with work similar to mine *insert love heart eyes emoji*
Busy street on a warm Easter week day!
Pretty lights!
Princess Street at night
On Thursday we started of by having breakfast at Hula. The past two trips to Edinburgh Darren himself only got a smoothie, but recently on my little smoothie obsession it was great to have as well! Our breakfast was really lovely and I just wish there was more places like that back home. After fueling up on Smoothies and toast, we headed to Dynamic Earth as Darren had never been so thought it would be a bit of fun! On our way down and walking back we past lots of cute looking places.
Once we had finished at Dynamic Earth, the rest of the day was really spent as being an 'artistic' touristy day! We headed into a Gallery that had some artwork in connection with the science festival at the time, it was pretty awesome and some of the work was really interesting! We also went into this little sweet/craft shop and spoke to the sweetest women! The rest of the afternoon was spent as I said very artistically, with a visit to The Fruitmarket Gallery and then to Edinburgh Printmakers. Both had really beautiful exhibitions on at the time! After another wander round the shops we headed for tea at Garfunkles which has/will probably turn out to be our last since it's being turned into a Frankie&Bennies! The evening was then spent down at St Andrew's Square to see the Light Fantastic installation. It was a shame though as the gardens closed just before it started with the clocks having changed about a week or two beforehand! After this, we then had another Ghost Tour that night which was probably the cheesiest out of the lot I've been on!

This museum, just ugh <3
Another obligitary photo of Edinburgh from the NMoS!
Very talented (& pretty) street buster!
Friday was our last day in Edinburgh but our bus home wasn't till just after 6 so we really did end up having about 3 full days in the city again. Our first stop of the day was at The Filling Station for our traditional 'last day' breakfast! Afterwards we headed to the National Museum to go into the Game Masters exhibition. It was basically a few rooms filled with the most popular and most iconic games since it all started. Totally ignore the fact I spent a good half hour playing a game I spent playing 4/5 hours of a few days previously! After our time was basically up inside, we finished looking round the Museum since we missed the last few floors the last time. I loved the Cultural sections again and have since had so much inspiration for my #Create365! We also headed up to the rooftop which has some beautiful views of Edinburgh! After finishing up in the Museum and looking in all the cute crafty shops, we decided that it would be best to go get a filling lunch since we wouldn't be able to have one on the way home. In the end we opted for The Filling Station again as their chicken burger, potato skins and garlic bread just can't beat anything else! The rest of our afternoon was spent the way we've done it the last two times as well by looking up and down the Royal Mile, looking in a few shops and watching the busters preform. 

In the end it was another 3 days of beautiful sunshine in Edinburgh, lots of more interesting things we seen and blistered feet! I absolutely love Edinburgh and it just excites my creativity so much as there's always so much going on! But for now this is it. I will maybe do a haul from my trip as well as my favourite spots in Edinburgh later on!

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  1. I have lived in Edinburgh all my life but your post is like seeing a whole other place! I think I take it for granted but it really is a beautiful city. And I don't blame you for visiting The Filling Station multiple times - I think it's my favourite restaurant haha! Sounds like you had a great time :)

    Mairi x

    1. I think everybody does that though. If you live or stay in a place for too long the magic that surrounded it in the first place dissolves. There is a Filling Station at home but it just isn't nearly as good as the one in Edinburgh! The staff are so lovely there.
      Certainly did have a great time as well, thank you! :D x

  2. Sounds like you had a blast, that cupcake looks so good. The cravings!! x

    1. Definitely did! :D It was tasty as well,not too sweet :) x

  3. As soon as I read 'hogwarts' I knew I was gonna love the post ☺️

  4. Edinburgh is really interesting. I love that quote! I have it written on my journal's cover! I love the photo from the weird exhibition.. It makes me think & that's what I like.
    Love the pictures you took,
    Jade x

    1. Yeah it's just got so much culture and history to it that it just makes it one of the most interesting places I've ever visited! Thank you as well! x



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