Recent Inspirations #3

Monday, May 04, 2015

In my last Recent Inspirations post, I said then that it had been a while since a little inspiration update and now it's been even longer just with me disappearing off the face of the world! Anyway, I'm back with another little inspiration post based around just general life & arty bits and bobs! 


James Victore- I've spoken about James Victore in previous blog posts but I still adore his channel! Recently he's been speaking to other people/designers which I've loved! Plus he followed me on twitter last week!

Alli Speed- Again I've spoken about Alli before too! But she's just finished her Contiki Trip to Asia and is now away to South Korea for a month! I love watching her travel vlogs as they she speaks in a way that you want to learn about the culture from her.
Colours & Carousels-  Charlotte started up her YouTube channel again recently and I've loved all her videos so far! Can't wait to see what else she shares. 

Hair (Beach Waves)- Over the past month I've been embracing this 'natural' look and braiding my hair after a shower at night to get lovely curly locks! 

Fashion (Belle/Once Upon a Time)- I've been binge watching this program over the past few weeks and I adore Belle's outfits. They are so elegant and cute! 
Fashion (Back to basics)- So in the past few months I seem to have picked up an enormous amount of tops that follow the criteria of being: white and crocheted/lacey! I literally own about 8 tops like that now...

Cultural Inspirations (own photo)- Basically in a lot of my #Create365 work I've been trying to incorporate some more cultural elements to my work. Most of this has really appeared around the time since being in Edinburgh and finding so much inspiration at the National Museum. 
Journal (brown paper&ink)- After falling in love with Rebecca Blair's artwork I started using brown paper in my artwork as well. I love how versatile it is and how different an illustration can look with white pen on brown paper than black pen on white paper!
Glyphs- It's been pretty obvious that this has been a huge inspiration lately. But I love glyphs! The simple shapes just open so many opportunities for taking and illustrating into patterns and collages! 

Food & Drink
Food (Broccoli Chicken Pasta)- I shared a recipe similar to this last time but I've still been trying to be a bit different with the food I cook for myself. Mainly trying to include more green veggies since I've got low iron levels!
Drink (Smoothies)- In the Easter Holidays I bought myself a smoothie maker on a whim and I absolutely LOVE it! Usually every morning I'll having a freshly made smoothie (normally with raspberries) and boiled eggs for breakfast. It just kicks my morning off better than sugary shit!
Food (Raspberry Sorbet)- Summers coming and that means ice cream, or in this case sorbet! Sorbet is one of my fav things ever and I need to try make this!

Other things
Poetry (Christopher Poindexter)- It's not too big a surprise but in a lot of my #Create365 I have been using quotes or poetry in my illustrations. It's something I actually want to do -write- again but this is a start! Plus Christopher Poindexter's poetry is beautiful.
Live Magical (Oddly Lovely)- I only read this post last week but I agree to a lot of it. There's quite a few things brought up in this post I'm trying to take into my life a lot just now. I'm wanting to get back into the whole yoga/meditation thing as well so will hopefully do it soon!
Tattoo's (enso)- This is kind of similar to the glyph's in the 'Creativity' section but I've been looking at loads of tattoos recently too. I've actually drawn/painted one that I want to get down that follows the idea of the enso and glyph's so I can't wait to get it done! See it here.

So yeah that's basically what's been inspiring me, my life and my work recently. The only other major thing I never included within this was Uni work as I'm doing a summary for two of my projects soon so think it would be easier just tying them in with that.
Also I thought I would let you know, I'm thinking of turning Monday's back into my 'inspiration' day. This will basically mean different posts like this, Recent Inspirations, Colour/Pattern love, Favourite Free Fonts and maybe a few other things- both old and new! 

What's been inspiring you recently?

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  1. You know I love your fonts posts! Thanks for including me in this Lauren xxx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. They'll be back soon! :D No worries xxx



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