#Create365 // Days 85-92

Saturday, May 02, 2015

So as I said back in my little 'life' update I'm going to back back over this weekend sharing all my #Create365's from Day 85. I had considered doing this in a oner but that would end up meaning about 30-40 photos in one post which is a wee bit excessive! 

Day 85
Some drawings of chakras of the human body. On a side note, really want to get into this stuff more- both the drawing and the actual meanings behind them.
Day 86
The lotus flower is so beautiful and definitely one of my favourites!
Day 87
Another illustrated version of a Christopher Poindexter quote.
Day 88
College mandala made up of ripped/excess bits of brown paper
Day 89
Another another Christopher Poindexter quote...
Day 90/91
Had a Uni assignment to take 3 of the principles above and illustrate them but of course, I can't do that and took all of them and sketched them instead!
Day 92
More rock like gems

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