#Create365 // Days 127-133

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 127
Lyrical art to the song Hunstanton Pier by Deaf Havana. This song has basically been my life for the past few weeks! It just resonates so much to things inside me. Plus, ngl, I well up half the time I listen to it...
Day 128
A cracked eye. The inspiration for this one like just appeared into my head the other week.
Day 129
I originally started this out to create a 'tribal-like' pattern but it doesn't really look like that anymore.
Day 130
Swirly, swirly, siwrl!
Day 131
After last weeks white/black mandala I really wanted to do another one.
Day 132
Some laser cut bits & bobs from a reallllllyyy late #DICraftSwap (oops...sorry)
Day 133
Weir shapes inside a circle inspired by some sand art I seen. I never got to finish this one though as my white pen ran out! :( 

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  1. I love the wooden brooches. They've decinitely become an obsession of mine :)

  2. I love these, I think these are my favourites that I've seen you do :)

  3. Hey it's me haha. I LOVE DEAF HAVANA. I wish I had the will power to stick to a 365 project!!

    Rebekah / www.0910studio.com

    1. Same! I didn't listen to them much for a long time but really got back into them now! x

  4. Loving 131! keep doing this, your pieces are really nice!
    Jade x



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