#Create365 // Days 101-107

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Day 101
swirly lines and watercolour paint {adapted from a doodle at work}
Day 102
another mandala type thing with pen ink! [totally not using brown paper to just fill up the gaps]
Day 103
erm I'm honestly not too sure... It was kind of meant to be like a planet with asteroids/stars/other planets around it...
Day 104
waves lines and dots!
Day 105
Finally got my zine for uni printed, cut out and stuck together! Will be sharing more of the process behind this either next week or the week after!
Day 106
another moon-y illustration/collage thing! Love me the moon
Day 107
Another half mandala/half geometric circle thing! Huge inspiration for this one came from the National Muse of Scotland!

Catch the rest of my update of #Create365 tomorrow! 

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