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Friday, March 27, 2015

It's been a while since I've posted anything onto this blog! The past few weeks I really have just needed to step back away from it and focus on other things. I'm still not going to be 'fully' back just yet as I am still cramming to get loads of work done, still ill and going away to Edinburgh (again) for a few days in 2 weeks time. 
Anyway, I felt I would do an update to let you know what's been happening with me. A few weeks ago (maybe a month?) I shared on a Sunday Summary that I had tonsillitis. Since then, I've had blood tests & throat swabs, and have found out that the reason I catch coughs/sore throats so easily could potentially be because I've caught glandular fever earlier in my life and is still affecting me now! I'm still bogged down with it and feeling super tired just now but I've got another set of blood tests to be done in 2 weeks, so I'm hoping that they will bring good news!

Uni work has been kind of full steam ahead recently as I have literally about a month for all my course work till I'm finished for the year! I'm actually crapping myself as it has just seem to jump up from nowhere! The biggest thing to happen at Uni recently has been the client/prototype professional project presentations! They haven't caused huge changes but has highlighted key improvement areas.

Lastly just general 'lifey' things is that as I said above, Darren and I are heading to Edinburgh for a few days again. This time we're spending a day with one of the RGU Society's and doing a Harry Potter Tour. Apart from that main plan and another visit to the National Museum we don't have much plans so let me know if there is anything we should do while we're there!

But yeah basically that's it! I'll hopefully be back soon when everything has calmed down a bit. I will try to still upload my #Create365's on Thursday's (or the week I'm away on Friday) on here. But in the mean time, the best places to keep up with me are on Instagram and Twitter @LaurenGemmaHay. 

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  1. I have suffered recurrent sore throats since I was about 8, I know how it can really take it out of you. Hope you feel better soon.
    Good luck with all your course work too, I used to always just visualise the day when it was all completed and you could breathe a sigh of relief, that always got me through! X

    1. Thank you for your comment! And yep haha! Definitely looking forward to that day! x



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