Goodbye February | Hello March!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

How are we already in March? Seriously I want it to be getting warmer but I don't want the year to be going past so quickly! 

This past month I feel has been a bit of a mix with things. It's been one of those months I think has just wiped all my energy as I've tried to do so much and kept myself extremely busy. One of the main reasons I enjoyed having a bit of a chill week last week. I definitely think I need to start taking the pressure of myself as much as I can because it has been flooring me a bit. 

I really want to get back into photography this month too, it was a bit of a flop goal from last month but it's something I really want to do more often and I need to try and make the time for it more. Maybe if I team up two of last times goals together I'll do it (tidy my room to find my old compact camera). 
February Goals
Catch up on uni work | I've definitely done a lot of work this month, I'm not really to the level as to where I want to be with it all but I'm happy with my progress
Take more photos | I've done so horrible with this goal this month! I think my Instagram feed has definitely been on a lower photo feed this month than usual so need to work on this!
Tidy my room up | Yeah I'm not even going to bother going through this one...

March Goals
Get back into Make | Over the past few #cbloggers chats I seem to have spoken about or mentioned Make, the place I go for the laser cutter. It's been months since I've been there so I really want to try and get back into going this month!
Keep eating healthy | For the most part of February and the end of January I started eating 'healthier'. Over the past month I've already lost about 7lbs or so which is pretty amazing to me! 
Start my get fit regime | This kind of ties in with the point above but both mass goals for them is to kind of look and feel better so signing up to a gym is the biggest thing for me! I've already bought a few gym essentials but I'm waiting on getting a gym induction so hopefully that'll be even a bigger help this month! 

What's happened to you during February and what are your goals for March?

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  1. Sometimes goals are hard to reach, well for me. One of my goals for this year is to lose weight, so far I have lost 6lb but put some on so maybe not a realistic goal for me lol chocolate is far too tempting

    1. Oh goals are definitely hard to reach at times! That's so good! :D At least your trying haha! x



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