Favourites of the Week // 30

Monday, March 02, 2015

CargoCollectiveCo always has some great collage inspiration!
I couldn't really care if these words are made up or not, totally relate with them all!
Such an awesome post to read about photography!
Favourites on Blog Land...
> Rebecca always shares lots of great tips
> After watching the Grayson Perry Who Are You? series I am so jealous of Becky's visit to see it!
> Literally my daily face regime
> Definitely agree with this if you're looking to be more creative

Other favourites on the interwebs...
> Love seeing how in-depth people go with film design
> Want to learn more about logo design?
> This is definitely the best cover of Uptown Funk I have seen!

Weekly Wishlist...
> Super cute outfit, especially love the bag & shoes!
> Oh I wish I had money to spare for these duvets!

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  1. hahaha I love the uptown funk cover!
    I really enjoy these posts!

  2. I adore looking at collage work. I can never get it to look as crisp as some artist's. It's a hidden art for sure!


    1. Oh I know! I do wonder how they do it haha!



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