#Create365 // Days 64-70

Thursday, March 12, 2015

This week I have felt so much better with the #Create365 project after having a few off weeks. I think it may be partially due to starting a new moleskine this past week and having that newness and freshness of it be kind of invigorating? I donno but I've felt better! I also kind of 'missed' one day in a way but not properly. Mainly I didn't actually do an entry in my moleskine but had been focused on my uni work all afternoon/evening/night and decided to share one of those instead!
I've also just noticed that everything from the past week is on the black/white scale which is unusual for me! I usually have some form of colour in one of them... oh well!
This was meant to be a representation of the moon cycles. Maybe if I go back in and add extra details it'll look better.
Cloud fire, wind? ... I'm not sure haha!
Start of a new moleskine calls for 1st page fear banishing! 
The first real page of the moleskine was filled up with a 'to-do' list and then the other side is the above. I did largely take inspiration for this from Rebecca Blair but I had so much fun doing it!
This piece has actually been 'finished' now with the whole page filled with diamond shapes. I heard the new All Time Low song that night so had to dedicate that days create to it! 
Kind of love doing a circular mandala so decided to do some more with a bit of a twist.
And now for my uni piece! I'll try and do an updated 'Uni Work' piece either this weekend of next week but I've done so much especially for the Creative Research Module that I'll probably have to break it down into parts. But anyway, this piece is basically meant to read "explore the world" instead of "explore the world wide web" which we all love to do so much nowadays!
As always, to keep up with all my creates, then you're best doing so either by following my on Instagram @LaurenGemmaHay or even on tumblr @LaurenAllOver as I always connect & share my photos over there.

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  1. Beautiful pieces as always, I am impressed everytime you do this feature xx



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