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Friday, February 06, 2015

At this point, I don't think it's a secret that I am a pretty busy person- even if I do spend a lot of my time on my laptop. During a normal week I'm in Uni 4 days (not full ones though), work twice a week (usually weekends), go out as an Avon Representative, see Darren and other things like this blog, twitter chats and meeting up with friends. So yeah I'm pretty busy.

Back in 2013 not long after I started this blog up, maybe about 2/3 months, someone commented on a post about how busy I seem to be but yet I keep a lot of things up. I have to be honest although on the exterior I seem like I keep it together, a lot of the time I'm actually totally freaking out inside. But I do have some tips to try and keep your motivation, inspiration and life together when you're getting extremely busy with things.

  1. Try and plan things in advanced:
    Usually if I can (be bothered), I will pack my bag, lay stuff out like my breakfast and whatever I'm wearing the next day the night before because it means you don't need to rush round like a crazy person 2 minutes before going out the door. Also under this category, try and plan your days before it comes to it. Like if you know you need to be X at that time and then to C for a different time, see how you can plan other little things that need to be done in between.

  2. Write it down:
    Usually if I don't write down things I need to do, whether it's things to pick up from the shop, uni work or just random reminders I will forget. There are so many ways to take notes for things nowadays with various notebooks and apps for your phone you shouldn't be lost without it.

  3. Do things at the same time:
    This point is a little like #1 but the main difference is that you would do certain tasks at the same time or on the same day every day/week. This can be simple things like organising your bag to the more time consuming like cleaning, washing, etc.

  4. Prioritize tasks and goals:
    This is one that I still need to work on a lot but it is great once you manage it. By knowing which tasks you need to do a good amount of time in advanced will help when times do get busy. It doesn't matter if it's scheduling and working on stuff months in advanced or being able to have a way to get work done when you're on a tight schedule. Things like the 5minute or less rule can really help!
  5. Make time for yourself:
    Now this is a biggie and most importantly, the most important aspect to me. Some weeks I do feel really bogged down about everything going on so it's important to me that I take time for myself and do have some proper down times. Whether that's catching up on a show, reading a book or just pampering yourself.
How do you make sure you balance everything going on in your life?

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  1. This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing! <3 I don't have trouble in planning and prioritising, but I do have a lot of trouble in doing haha. Working on this progressively and slowly!

    1. Glad you found it helpful! Yeah I'm pretty much the same, I'll start doing then I'll be like "uhhh naaahhh" I'll do it later... <3

  2. I'm all about multitasking. I'm trying to work on planning ahead though!

    1. Definitely the same! Working while watching through a series of tv programmes? YEP! x

  3. Very important points although I am not good at multi tasking at all I can write/do some crazy things when I try hahah xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Weird and wacky things are brilliant though! xxx



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