Sunday Summary #58

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Over the past week I've been busy working my ass off and now at the end of it, I've spent it curled up in bed relaxing. I'm not exactly being lazy due to being at the Doctor's on Friday and being told I have tonsillitis! It has been pretty horrible to have but I'm actually glad to have been told I have it. This is literally the first time in my life I have been diagnosed with tonsillitis even though I battle with extremely bad sore throats and coughs +4 times a year! 
Other than being ill I've had another visit to the DCA this week, spent a full day in Uni, had lunch at the Pancake Place and had a Presentation for my Communication & Interaction Module... actually that was all Thursday! I've really not had busy week which shows on my Instagram with only sharing two photos (not including #Create365) this week! 

I've been thinking recently about streamlining my posts including this and my Favourites of the Week post so I have more days to share awesome goodness but now sure. I would realistically probably do it a similar fashion to The House That Lars Built post. Would you prefer these posts together or seperate?

Visit to the DCA // Saturday in Doodles // Having a child out day!

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