Sunday Summary #57

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Every time it comes around to writing on of these posts I have myself just thinking back over the week to think what have I actually done? And usually, I pass my weeks off as being quite laid back, boring, etc. I can't say that this week has been much different but it has been somewhat-productive and fun.

I spent much of the week trying to bash out a load of work for my Creative Research module as I've been falling behind a bit with it so I'm glad I've started working on the ideas I have had for a while and seeing how they look like (see below)! With it being out class presentation for Professional Project it was a little bit of a mad-dash to get everything to a good standard! But we got it all done and recorded a clip of our game working to show on Friday. Apart from a few issues it was really well received so now it's just the finally pushes before our client presentation next month. 

On Friday after my presentation I headed back up to Aberdeen to meet my friend Racheal again to see the preview exhibition of the 4th year Gray School of Art's show. Some pieces were pretty wacky but there was an illustration piece or two that were beautiful!

Obviously the other majorish thing that happened this week was Valentine's Day. I had been able to get the day of work which was a plus itself! Darren and I had planned to go see Big Hero 6, play a game or two of pool and have dinner at the Filling Station. But due to getting into town late we had to miss out on Big Hero 6 (but seen it today) and spent the afternoon killing time looking in a few shops too. I got my ass majorly kicked by Darren in our 4 games of pool though, not winning a single on! And our meal at Filling Station was lovely too, although I didn't get the main course I fancied! 

How's your week been?

1/2 Some new uni work // Skittles cocktail, amazing! // Went to see Big Hero 6 for!

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