Sunday Summary #56

Sunday, February 08, 2015

This week has been pretty standard as usual apart from main thing- snow!! It hasn't snowed that much, only enough for about an inch or two but I just love it! Along with this, I've also had a few catch up with friends.

On Wednesday, I met up with Steph at the newly opened Whittard's Tea Bar in Union Square. I've only been to a Whittard's a few times so was excited to try a new flavor and ended up getting the Very Berry Burst. The last time I had seen Steph was back in December for her Christmas Party so it was a really lovely catch up with her even though it was pretty short!

Thursday was my first tutorial class for my new Propaganda module at Uni and although our lecture spoke most of the time it was kind of fun to just have a conversation about the topic. But I do hope it maybe becomes a bit more of a discussion/debate in future classes. My Thursday classes also got cut short after both my Professional Project Group meeting and Creative Research/Communication & Interaction class were both cancelled so I managed to get home early and get work done for my group project. And now the work I did on the Thursday along with the other artists work has been put into a prototype for our game presentation this week!

Then on Friday night Darren and I met up with my friend Racheal for a few games of pool then headed back to hers for a takeaway. I also got the chance to finally play a little bit of Journey on her playstation- it's so pretty! 

How has your week been?

Beautiful weather // Snow days!// Out for a cuppa at Whittards Tea Bar // Trying TeaPigs peppermint tea!

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