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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last year I shared a review on a book called Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. This was the first book in the Chronicles of Ixia series. Although I was quite spectacle after the first book and had heard some bad things about the next novels I decided to go on and finish the Study series (so far) and ended up started on the Glass series too which this 'review' is about.
Throughout the Glass series you follow Opal Cowen, a character you meet throughout the later Study  books. In these books it's about 5 years after the ending of the Study books and has meant Opal is in her final year at the Keep and soon to graduate. In the three books you follow Opal's discoveries and adventures into her magic and how she learns how to use it. And how she learns more and more about it till it comes to a crashing mess.

With this series I had a lot of the same feelings to do with character development, story and background as I had initially with Poison Study. One of the main criticisms I have with these books, which contrasts to my original experience with the series is the flash backs. Throughout this secondary series, a lot of the flash backs are literally just a plainly written version of events that have happened either in the end of the Study books or in one of the previous Glass books. I don't usually mind when writers do this but what annoyed me most would be that it would heavily feature mainly the 2nd quarter and the 3rd quarter of the book which I don't feel is the right time or place to do this. 

As much as it seems I hated that part of the book I really did love the characters in the book. Although some of them stayed quiet one dimensional with the amount of characters introduced throughout the books you do get to learn a lot about each of them and you start to properly care for them. Probably my favourite characters in the books were Zitora and Kade, both of whom don't feature heavily in the third book (sad faces). 

In this kind of 'review' I do seem like all I'm saying is bad stuff about these books and this series but I'm not. The books are very gripping and they really take me into the worlds of Ixia and Sitian. I would highly recommend this whole series to anybody who loves a bit of fantasy and magic. Especially if you're someone who has enjoyed books like Harry Potter, House of Nights or Night School. 

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