Favourites of the week // 26

Monday, February 02, 2015

These photos are breath-takingly-beautiful!
This dad is amazing to get his child's tattooed on himself! 
Such a beautiful collage!

On blog land
> Pretty sure all bloggers have to deal with these at some point
>When was the last time you used an inspirograph?
> I really need to go start doing Yoga like Marissa
> Leona's smear test story is so inspiring, glad to see people doing more than just a 'smear for smear' photo...

Other favourites...
> If you haven't heard about Pretty Little Liars yet, then you really ought to go watch it all now...
> Idioms are pretty hilarious 
> Emma Watson is going to be Belle, I can't ever!
> What does your favourite curse word say about you?

Weekly Wishlist
> Yeah, I really want these pants...
> I love this bag, it is the perfect size!

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