December & January favourites

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Last month I actually never got round to sharing a December favourites after I ended up doing a 2014 one instead. So this month I've rolled both my December and January ones together. I have to say though a lot of this one is things I received at Christmas... 

Micron Pens // These pens I bought off Amazon after seeing so many people rave about them for months! The ones I've pictured above are probably my most used and they've definitely been my go-to pens for my #Create365. 

Boots Charcoal Tea Tree Facial Scrub // I picked this up a while ago along with the Clay wash and I absolutely love both! They've helped clear my skin up so well, meaning I've only been getting hormonal spots or because I haven't taken my make up the night before. 

Graphik Line Painter // I got the ones pictured above for Christmas and the pastel collection on Boxing Day. They are so easy to use (when they don't splatter everywhere) and the colours are really great too.

Christmas Eve Yankee Candle // I got a few of these at Christmas- one in my advent calendar and one from a parcel swap. The scent is so lovely and is becoming one of my favourite Christmas candle smells!

Pentel Medium Waterbrush // I'll admit it, this was a bit of an impulse buy but I'm so glad I bought it. It makes painting with watercolours so much easier and I cannot wait to try putting ink inside too.

Avon Winged Out Mascara // I don't usually fuss about with mascara's only buying a new one when I have to or if Avon have cheap ones going. This one I bought from the Rep book at like £3? and it's amazing! It doesn't really clump and it makes me eyelashes look so long!

Other favourites from the past two months...
Watch It: Pretty Little Liars // My top watch is definitely Pretty Little Liars! Finally caught up with the series last month.
Read It: Storm Glass by Maria V Snyder // I really do love this series of books! Can't get enough
Blogger: Graphique Fantastique // So much awesome Graphic Designy-ness! 
Download It: I finally downloaded VSCOcam in December and absolutely love it!
Play it: Peggle Blast // PopCap is one of my favourite game makers and they stepped it up big time for this one

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  1. The tea tree facial scrub sounds lovely and I definitely need to try the mascara now as I have been having some good avon experiences lately xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. It really is! Avon definitely do have some really great products! xxx

  2. Oh Pens!!! #love!
    Great favorites! I have also heard allot about the micro pens! Can't wait to try them!
    Jade x



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