Dear January

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dear January, 
Already a month in to 2015 and I cannot get my mind around that. This month has been pretty chilled back even though I've had a few different things going on. Through January though I have just been so bogged down for some reason. I don't know if it's some weird lasting rut that has made it's way into all walks of my life but it's been here which is pretty crappy. I've been so inconsistent with this blog and my uni work that I feel I just need a good right ol' kick up the butt to get going again. 

On the good side, this month I feel has been successful with my resolutions. I've kept on top with most of them most of the time and I feel like the changes I'm putting in place in my life right now is making it so much better. I'm loving sitting down in the evenings and pulling out different art tools and playing around with them. I don't remember the last time I just did that or enjoyed myself for doing so. Art has always in a way, felt kind of forced to me but I'm starting to loosen up those ways and it's definitely showing. I've also started doing a meditation thing though my phone over the past week and although I've missed a few days, I just feel so much calmer and relaxed afterwards. 

From now and throughout the rest of the year, I just want to keep developing these feelings and thoughts to become a more creative, motivated and centered person. I would love to start going to a yoga class or something like that to just get there better. But we'll see....

January Goals
✔ Put more money into savings : Across both my bank savings account and the ceramic piggy bank in my room I've definitely put more than what I was hoping to away. Just ignore the fact that I've probably spent 3x that over the past two weeks...
✘ Create a freebie design : Ok so this isn't a full no as I have been working on something that was part of my #create365 project but I've just not got round to finish or sharing it yet.
● Drink 2 litres of water daily : I think I've kind of done this most days but I've not kept track of my progress so not sure
✘ Get into a better night time routine : Yep, this is a total no-no. I've still been staying up super late and not taking my make-up off (oops). I can never be bothered! I'll try harder this month though...

February Goals
● Catch up on uni work : I'm not exactly behind on my work but I feel I could be a hella lot further on if I just got working on stuff more!
● Take more photos : This kind of ties in with the top one as one of my projects includes photography but I want to get out more again with just taking random photos. I'm going to try and find my old samsung camera to take out with me daily as it's more lightweight than my DSLR. 
● Tidy my room up : This is something that definitely needs to happen more often and I've tried to say I would do it several times this month but it just hasn't happened (I blame Pretty Little Liars). 

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