#Create365 // Days 43-49

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 43
Midnight house because midnight is when I do my most work *winkwink*
Day 44
Paper mountains made with nespaper and ink! Love how this one looks although I played around with it for a few days
Day 45
A heart for valentine's day cause I'm that cute?
Day 46
Playing around with more collage. Just ripped paper and painted it and pasted it because it felt right.
Day 47
Watercolour mandala because who doesn't love watercolours and mandalas?
Day 48
Not been feeling so great so I did a simple watercolour thing inspired by the Maria V Snyder 'Glass' novels 
Day 49
Yep, still obsessed with the book so I did some gems!
This weeks #create365 were a bit of a mix. I'm still loving doing this but have felt so run down this week with fatigue and now with a cold and extremely sore throat! Hopefully get back on track this week.

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