#Create365 // Days 29-35

Thursday, February 05, 2015

This week I fell of the barrel slightly with missing my Saturday date! But I did do an extra one during the week to make up for it, so I still have 7! 

Day 29
Progress shot of watercolour I'm working on for a competition brief
Day 30
More galaxy/space doodles
Day 32
Another collage- this ones called "Moon Flower"
Day 31 (late)
Blue triangle doodles! Why do blue pens only seem to come in a couple of different shades?
Day 33
Wibbly wobbly lines- looks a bit like tree trunks!
Day 34
Some clouds!
Day 35
Jungle forest leaves.

Yeah I think it's becoming pretty obvious more and more with each week I love space, nature and the colour blue...

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